Monday, October 19, 2009

why do people keep staring at me? oh right, i'm bald.

So when Seabass eventually saw the new do he said something along the lines of "I hope you haven't gone out in public like that 'cause we have a lot of evening out to do."

This is the problem with being your own hairdresser, you don't really have the best perspective on the subject.

The upshot is my hair is even shorter than it was before.

Like Sinead O'Connor short.

At first I wasn't sure. Now I totally dig it.

It's actually turning in to a kind of social study too.

People are really weirded out by bald chicks.

I keep forgetting what I look like and then I'm totally confused by the equally confused looks on people's faces as I pass them on the street (the Cranberry Festival was very interesting.)

Even people I know are talking to my hair instead of my face.

Meanwhile I can't stop rubbing my own head!


The Chickenless Chick said...

Good for you! I do a lot of volunteering on farms and I think that when I start a full-time internship (hopefully this summer) I will try rocking the same do. Hair just gets in the way. I figure if I need to be feminine, I can always wear eyeliner.

Mary said...

work it!

Anonymous said...

You just look excellent! I hope you keep it that it is in the picture, a buzzcut! Did you shave it completely? If so, will we see a pic?

In general I must say you just look wonderful!

What kind of dressing style do u wear with this look?

Jenn said...

I always get the brilliant idea to go really short with the hair when the cold weather is coming (please refer to my many mentions of my lack of the use of logic.

Amy said...

It's completely helpful that you're stunning. I would look like a chubby man in his 30s.
Came to your blog from bloggess... so happy I did.

Jenn said...

Amy, you have gorgeous eyes, rosy cheeks and a great smile.....i look like a 14 year old boy, who resembles a q-tip.

Janis said...

You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your rocking that look! I'm a bald woman too and I love it, I think it's because I'm to lazy to do anything but shave each morning!

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