Friday, October 16, 2009

last night i shaved my head

No, this is not a figure of speech.

I shaved my head.
To some of you I'm sure this seems extreme or possibly insane. Probably mostly those of you who don't actually know me. Those who do know me know that I've taken my hair all that seriously. I've had my hair pretty much every length...except past my shoulders.

I lack the patience, the ambition, the drive to grow my hair that long.

My mother kept my hair short as a child, she too lacked the requisite patience for my very thick hair. So, for most of my early childhood I sported a very fashion-forward mullet (it was the early 80s people).

It haunts me still.

I think the mullet may be the ultimate source of my lack of self confidence, my body dysmorphia, my general mess-up-edness.

No wait, that has to do with dance recitals and being forcefully dressed up like Winnie-the-Pooh and a piglet.

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to dress impressionable little girls like pigs and roly-poly bears? Screwed me for life.

The fear of a return of the tragedy of the mullet is the one thing I can't abide when it comes to my hair.

The reason I neglected to post a "before" shot of my hair here is actually because I was starting to fear that mullet syndrome was setting in.

I haven't been to see my hairdresser in a while. He was also my Mom's hairdresser (since she was pregnant with me) and he's more than just the dude with the scissors to me. I can't face him yet.

As a result my hair was having issues, major issues. It had grown out to something between a bob and...a mullet. A couple of weeks ago I chopped off my bangs, which calmed me down some. But last night I couldn't take it anymore.

I took my scissors and started hacking at chunks, that way I couldn't go back. Then I grabbed Seabass' trimmer and went to town.

And now here we are. Feels awesome.

Seabass hasn't seen it yet.

Are these the kinds of decisions that I should be making with him in mind?

Meh, it grows back...and I feel great.


Hooligan's Mom said...

Hi Jenn,
I saw your link on Pioneer Woman and thought I would check out your new hair style.
A) You look gorgeous! Not everyone can pull off shaving their head. Congratulations on what could be a life changing decision.
B) My condolences on the loss of your Mom. I can't imagine your grief but I can remember to say a prayer for you and your heart. She's never further than a sweet memory.

Jenn said...

thanks so much for your thoughts! I need to post an updated pic - Seabass had to help me finesse the shave and, well, it's even shorter now. I didn't think it was possible.

upnorth said...

I feel for you!! I lost my mother 21 years ago and still miss her!! Time makes it easier and watching my grandchildren makes me proud for her!!! I once felt like shaving my head and chickened out, felt like that was a poor choice for me!!! Looks cute on you!

Anonymous said...

found you through pioneer woman's blog.
i love that hair.
back in 2005 , i shaved my head completley shaved it all.i had people ask me if i had cancer, if i was a lesbian, if there was something wrong with me. and those comments were all from complete strangers.
and like you said, all i thought about it was " it'll grow biggie"

Jenn said...

anonymous -
no one has had the balls to ask anything to outrageous - bar SeaBass' grandfather who keeps asking - over and over 'cause it's obviously super clever, you see - (insert Polish accent here) "Jenny-fur, are you man or woman?" Everyone else just stares...and I stare right back - or invite them to rub my head. I know they're just jealous that their own head doesn't feel as good as mine.

Renée said...

Well written. I've done the same, once after my divorce, and just recently due to a death of a loved one.

You are beautiful !

TwisterB said...

I just did too!

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