Wednesday, October 21, 2009

styling your shaved head

Wow! I've been getting a lot of feedback on my hair. Or more precisely, my lack of hair.

I didn't think it would change my style at all but I will admit I've made some adjustments to the way I venture out into public (when I do, which is not often I admit.)

Firstly there's the make-up thing:
I don't normally where any make-up; can't be bothered basically.
(Note: SeaBass would like me to point out that, for a person who wears no make-up I own an insane amount of said product. He is correct. It's a problem, I admit it. I insist I need it, I buy it, I never use it.)

Since the baldness I've found the need for my cosmetic hoard (take that SeaBass! I told you I needed it!) I have nice eyes (if I do say so myself) so I've taken to wearing mascara, eyeliner, and even curling my eyelashes (p.s. I'm now in love with my eyelash curler!)

I've also felt the need to wear lipgloss and blush (I've got a face full of pale, no sun in sight and no hair to cover it up.)

Suddenly my glasses feel nerdy:
Normally I think I suit glasses, but there's something about the harshness of the shaved head with glasses...I don't like it. (Also, they negate all the pretty make-up on my eyes!)

So, I've been breaking out the contac lenses.

I haven't changed this much. It's a good time for soft layers and cardigans, which I love.

I'm looking forward to an opportunity to get all pretty-fied and dressed up so I can rock the whole hard edged hair and girlie dress.

I've been wearing necklaces accentuate my beautifully long neck....not really. I don't know why, they just seem to balance the lack of hair above my face.

Someone told me that I should be wearing earrings but I dunno, I always feel like they just look silly on me. Opinions?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all the feedback I've been getting. As I've mentioned I've always kept my hair pretty short. Like, a bob chin length bob is sooooo long as far as I'm concerned. On every visit to the salon I am surrounded by women with shoulder length or longer tresses. Grown women freaking out over having more than an inch cut off their hair. Women spending hundreds of dollars on adding fake hair to their head so they can maintain the illusion of lustrous strands.

And then there's me, with my hair grazing the back of my neck and freaking out 'cause it feels too long and I don't feel like myself anymore and I want it cut off....immediately.

I don't understand them and they apparently don't understand me.

They stare at me as I'm getting my hair chopped. They say some of the same things I've heard here, that they wish they had the nerve to cut their hair off too.

I still don't get it. Why can't they?

I really hope I'm not sounding pretentious. I'm not trying to.

I'm just really curious as to why I don't regard my own hair the same way so many other women do. Why don't I connect it to my femininity in the same way?

I feel lost with long hair. I feel like I lose my identity.

My understanding is that the vast majority of women feel exactly opposite. If someone shaved their head they'd feel less feminine.


Amy said...

I know I'd feel that way. Less feminine. As I stated in another comment, I'd look like a chubby bald man. I have no doubt. I look just like my father and without my girly hair... inverted bob, and my makeup... people would wonder where my parents were hiding their second son all this time.

Anonymous said...

How about leather leggings, leather jacket!

The Chickenless Chick said...

Don't know about more or less feminine. But I do know that the more hair I have, the more annoyed I get with it. LOL re. the ladies at the beauty parlor... some people have no sense of what's important. I wonder how they'd freak out if something REALLY disastrous ever happened?

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