Friday, October 9, 2009

shallow thoughts

A little insight into how my mind works (or doesn't work):

This morning SeaBass called from work with a request: "Hey hunny, you weren't by any chance planning on driving down to Barrie (our nearest "city") today were you?"

Me: "Um, randomly drive the 45 minutes on yet another horribly rainy and cold day for no apparent reason? Nope, not really. Why?"

SeaBass: "Well, I kinda forgot to pack my shoes for the weekend. Do you think you could come down and meet me there with the shoes?" (Note: SeaBass is abandoning me until Sunday for a golfing weekend with the guys. He's a meanie, I know.)

Me: "I guess so. Sure, no problem."

SeaBass: "Okay, I'll meet you in about an hour then."

Immediately the wheels in my head start turning while I jump in the shower.

Barrie is only a real city in terms of population; mostly it's really just a sprawling suburb and there's not a whole lot to recommend it. But I was determined not to waste a trip down there just to drop off shoes and wave a lonely farewell to my abandoning hubby while he heads off on his little party weekend and I head the rain...

A glimpse inside my internal monologue:

"Hmm...what else can I do while I'm down there? I could go into the mall and just window shop, I haven't even had a chance to look at the new fall stuff yet....yeah, then I'll get something to eat, or maybe ice cream. Do I feel like ice cream? I should put his shoes by the door so I don't forget....what should I wear? It's cold out. Ooh, that's what I should look for, a nice fall coat. I shouldn't really buy anything much, should be good. SeaBass never buys anything. Hm, but he is doing this golf weekend thing without me, I deserve something new. A transitional coat is important. I don't just want it, I need it. Yes, I will enjoy leisurely window shopping and take my time heading back. I wonder if Baskin Robbins will have Pink Bubblegum ice cream? It's probably out of season. Hey the radio station's are actually coming in clearly for once. I haven't heard this song in a while. (cue off key warbling) Arghhhhh!!!!"

It's at about this point in the monologue and about 35 minutes into my 45 minute drive that I realize something.

I forgot the shoes.


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