Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sugar - Sweetest Dog in Town (The final installment)

I'm working with a word restriction for this short story submission. It's killing me. But in a good way. It's a great challenge for me to try to keep this story short and simple...I am a wordy writer, so this is good (trying to think positive here!)
So this is the final of the first draft. I'll post the story in full form when I get it edited...and cut more words (painful, very painful). I was going to enter this same competition last year, but I couldn't cut my poor story to pieces. This year I'm determined!

And, here's another cute pet pic to accompany the story. You might notice that this one is not canine in nature. This is my lovely Ringo-cat, most wonderfully handsome, loyal, neurotic cat that ever was. Enjoy!

“Sammy! What happened? How long have you been lying here?” Sammy tried to reach out to his mother but the pain in his arm stopped him. “Ouch Mommy! I think something’s wrong with my arm.” “Honey, do you think you’ll be okay here while Mommy goes to get the car to take you to the doctor?” Sammy looked very frightened but then Sugar stepped up, licked his tear-stained face and sat right next to him. She looked up at Sammy’s mom and thumped her tail on the ground. Sammy said, “I think I’ll be okay with Sugar here.” Sammy’s mom looked into Sugar’s soft eyes and knew it would be fine. She ran back home to get the car. Sammy reached for Sugar with his good arm and together they sat and waited. When Sammy’s mother returned Sugar waited until Sammy was safely in the car. The lady kneeled down and gave Sugar a hug before Sugar headed for home. Sugar was in BIG trouble when she got back home. Her humans had been looking for her all over and gave Sugar a lecture. She felt guilty and walked into the house with her tail between her legs and her head hung low but still the happy warm feelings of having done a good deed was stronger than anything else. She wished she could speak and tell them what she had been doing. Later that evening Sammy and his mother arrived at Sugar’s house. They brought with them a basket of treats and toys for Sugar. Sugar’s parents opened the door and looked confused, “Hi Linda, how are you? What’s all this?” Then Sammy stepped out from behind his mother and Sugar’s owner exclaimed, “Sammy! What happened to you?” Sugar was hiding behind the door. When Sammy’s mother Linda explained what had happened Sugar came out into the doorway. She was so happy to see that Sammy was okay that it was very hard not to jump all over him but she stopped herself and waited for Sammy to bend down and hug her. Sugar’s humans were confused and then eventually pleased to hear about Sugar’s activities that day. Sammy and his mother called Sugar a hero. It made Sugar feel embarrassed but also very happy for herself and her family. After that day a lot of things changed for Sugar and her humans. The neighbours came to see her often and they brought their children to play with her. Sugar was invited for play dates with her neighbour dogs. Sugar and her humans were very happy and proud of how Sugar had managed to change the way people and animals thought of her and of the word “pit bull”.


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