Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Through a Lens and through the snow

No words I can string together can compete with these images from my beach (in the winter I get to call it that 'cause me and the dogs are the only ones crazy enough to go down there.)

This was our last beachy stroll for a little while though. It's pretty treacherous terrain at the moment. We've had a bit of mild weather and the ice hiding under the snow is thin and brittle and very, very slippy. The snow itself is knee deep one step and the next only a skim over the frozen sand. Yesterday I was falling through at times (several times) and slipping and sliding all over. Even the dogs were finding it tough.

Normally I enjoy the workout of trekking through the snowy depths, but this was a bit much even for me. And then last night I was reminded of my advancing age. I tell you, everything starts falling apart at 30! Right, so last night I suddenly got a charlie-horse....in my ass!!!! What is that about? It was the most intense and sudden pain...well, you know, just like in your leg, but in the butt and shooting down the leg! I collapsed on the couch next to my father and when I told him (with his chronic back pain) what was happening he just looked at me and said, "Mmhm, happens to me all the time. Probably your sciatic." What?!?!?!? Seriously?! Healthy walks in the wonders of nature and comic falls in the snow are now going to lead to back problems and health risks...and butt pain?

The upshot? No more scary, butt pain inducing beach walks for me for a few days. My gluteus (and leg) is in recovery mode. Seriously, it hurts...still (whines). I'm frightened, so very frightened.


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