Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sugar - Sweetest Dog in Town (cont'd)

This is a pic of both my puppies Sugar and Dolan. The dog in the story is really a compilation of both of them. The story really addresses the issues we've faced with Sugar but the personality of the puppy I think reflects Dolan. And yes, Sugar is wearing a coat here. She's been complaining about the cold this winter and she loves her fleece!


Of course Sugar couldn’t knock like a human and she couldn’t reach the doorbell so she used her paws to scratch at the front door until the lady opened it. “You! What are you doing at my house? Where is your leash? Where are your owners? You’re not supposed to be wandering around here alone! You’re dangerous!” Sugar wasn’t sure if she was going to keep yelling or just shut the door in her face so she gently tugged on the woman’s pants with her mouth, being careful not to use her teeth. Still the woman was sure that Sugar was trying to bite her and so she let out a loud scream. Sugar knew that if she could just get the woman to step outside her door she would hear her son crying and then she might understand. So, Sugar decided that she had to break a big rule, she would have to go inside the house without an invitation and then, even worse, she would have to steal something from the house and carry it outside so that the lady would follow her. With her sensitive nose, and her love of food, Sugar had been smelling something yummy inside since before the door even opened. She dashed passed the woman following her sniffer into the kitchen where a tasty looking sandwich sat on the table, probably waiting for the poor hurt little boy. This was not easy, Sugar thought back to when she was a puppy and stole food from the table and all the trouble she got in! then she remembered the little boy lying on the road and she did it, she put her front paws up on the tabletop and grabbed the yummy pb&j sandwich from the plate. No time to enjoy the smells though, she ran back out the front door with the sandwich in her mouth. The boy’s mother stood for a second totally shocked in her door. Sugar was afraid that she wouldn’t even try to follow her, then what would Sugar do? But just then the lady called out “Hey! You bad dog, what do you think you’re doing?” And Sugar breathed a huge sigh of relief as she headed down the lawn, making sure the lady was following her. Sugar stopped and turned towards the woman, she gently laid the sandwich on the ground and sat down next to it thumping her whip-like tail on the ground in a show of good faith. She turned her big soft brown up eyes up to the woman. Her eyes were filled with the hope that the woman would hear her son in the sudden silence caused when the yelling stopped and the woman reacted to Sugar’s stopping.
Alternate: Sugar made herself move slowly enough down the yard that the woman would follow her, even though her strong little legs wanted nothing more than to gallop at top speed back to the boy. She stopped every few steps and looked back, her little ship-like tail wagging so hard it would make you dizzy to watch it. If the boy’s mother had stopped to look, she would see that Sugar’s big brown eyes were filled with both hope and worry for her son. As they reached the gate at the bottom of the front garden, a cry could be clearly heard. Sugar and the woman turned the corner and Sugar dropped the sandwich to tug on her pant leg again. Sugar could see that the woman had heard the cry and knew it was her son but now Sugar saw a different kind of fear in her eyes. It was no longer a fear of Sugar, it was fear for her son. She tugged the pant leg again and gave a soft bark. When she got the woman’s attention she started down the street, stopping again a few feet down and barking. The woman suddenly came to life again and moved towards Sugar slowly, she seemed to be confused about the idea of following this mean dog to her son. When the woman reached Sugar’s side Sugar reached up and licked her hand softly. This time the woman did look into the brown eyes and saw that she could trust Sugar. Together they ran down the street to her son.


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