Thursday, January 7, 2010

maxwell silverhammer

On December 30th SeaBass and I brought this home

"This" is Mr. Maxwell Silverhammer,

We adopted him from our local SPCA as a Christmas present for Dziadzio (SeaBass' grandfather.) 

You see, Dziadzio has talked of nothing but having a puppy of his own ever since baby Dolan 
came along.

So, when the SPCA got a litter of Shepherd/Huskies right before Christmas it seemed perfect. The deal was that SeaBass and I would bring the puppy home with us for a little bit to take care of the potty training and some basic obedience and then Dziadzio would have his very own furry companion.

And he would stop feeding Dolan forbidden treats, letting her off her leash thinking it's funny to watch her run away and generally corrupting and wreaking havoc with my puppy.

Many who heard this plan laughed at me and insisted that I would not be able to give Max up.

It's true that I have a serious soft spot for animals. 

That's probably an understatement.

When I go on vacation to resorts I end up with all the feral cats on the grounds waiting for me outside my room and hiding under my table in the restaurants.

I feed the neighbourhood raccoons.....from my hand.

If someone tells me a dog is mean I take it as a personal challenge to befriend the animal.

All that being said, I was totally prepared to give Mr. Maxwell Silverhammer up to Dziadzio. I'm not saying it was going to be easy but I had already talked myself through it, reminding myself that I would see him often.

Also, I may adore animals in general and dogs in specific. But I am not insane. And the facts of the house I live in are this:

We already have the aforementioned bestest doggie-pants in the world, Dolan



Ringo and Wheels

And Roxy (who is feeling a little camera shy)

Oh, and did I mention that my neighbour recently sort of abandoned her cat and so now he lives here? 

Ironically, his name is AWOL. 

So yeah, the idea of a third large dog in the house was less than appealing, even to me.

Fate has intervened though. Fate in the form of SeaBass' meanie-pants grandmother and aunt who have apparently decided that Dziadzio is not "allowed" to have a puppy.

You would think they could have decided that before this happened.


Tasty Trix said...

Aaah he is so cute and sweet, it's killing me!!! From one crazy animal person to another, what can you do?

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Look at all these cuties!!!! Maxwell is a handsome little devil for sure!

Jeannie said...

Such cute puppy, I wouldn't mind having him:)

kellypea said...

What a fabulous group of animals. We're down to one old cat and a kitten after recently saying goodbye to our old, lovely doggo. I can't imagine a house without pets.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... so is Maxwell staying with you now? He is quite adorable.

Debbie said...

I have so much in common when it comes to having a soft spot for the animals! I have adopted all my animals from shelters and I love them so much! I swear they really know somehow that they are rescued! At the moment we have three dogs and three cats- that is a full time job in itself!

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