Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the worst thing

The worst thing possible for me anyways.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened exactly but basically I spent Monday night sleepless, finally gave up the attempt at 7 in the morning. I got up and had some toast and then by 8:30 found myself curled up on my knees in the fetal position in bed in the worst abdominal pain I have ever experienced in my entire life.

I spent three hours like that.

Every other position was like torture. Every breath felt like some creature was trying to claw its way out from my belly. Every movement led to agonizing pain.

Dolan was so afraid that she went and cowered in another room.

And then just as suddenly it was over.

I have NO idea what caused it. I had a lovely meatless supper of carnival squash - think of my butternut squash and chorizo pasta minus the chorizo and the pasta - on Monday night...
and now I fear the poor, harmless, always tasty squash and want nothing more to do with it. I know it's totally undeserved discrimination. But I've been hurt dammit!

On Sunday night SeaBass, Dad and I were invited to supper at a neighbour's house. I'm such a foodie snob - but it was not good. Think shake 'n bake and mushy vegetables. Still, the food was boring but I don't think it was dangerous.

So yeah, yesterday was bad, but not the worst thing.

What's the worst thing? The worst thing is that I'm SO off food right now. I'm scared crapless to eat anything more than white rice or plain broth.

And I had big, big plans for cooking this week.

So please, bear with me as I work my way past my fear of all things edible!

p.s. Any doctors out there or any non-medical professionals who want to take a stab at what the hell happened to me?


Felice in the Kitchen. said...

could have been gas (honest) happend to me one time and that what the doc said! also explains why babies cry so much when they are gassy!!!!

Laura said...

I read something awhile back that self seeded squash can cause food poisoning like symptoms, due to a natural toxin called... I don't remember honestly. Do you have a contact email address? I didn't see one on your page.

Heiko said...

Best go and see your doc woman rather than relying on some half cooked long distance diagnosis. Hope you're ok.

Jenn said...

lol. No worries Heiko (although I will admit to a bad habit of self-diagnosis), it passed so quickly (and hasn't re-surfaced) that I decided real docs weren't necessary...

i do have a feeling it had something to do with the squash from the night before - perhaps I've just ingested my squash quota for the year!

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