Tuesday, November 3, 2009

winter coming on

There's a possibility of flurries tonight.

Winter was making it's presence felt in the air as I walked the dogs along the beach this evening.

I can't believe the last leaves have left the trees and the squirrels have finished collecting their winter store of nuts.

It feels like the last time I
really stopped to look around Mom and I were holding our breaths and watching a finch hop in the trees overhead.

An hour later she was gone and I haven't been able to see a damn thing clearly yet.


Anonymous said...

That's a Canadian sky if I've ever seen one. Gorgeous photos.

What sort of dogs do you have? I'm such a dog person!

Thank you so much for your reply, Jenn. I'm too tired for a proper reply, but a short thank-you is better than no thank-you.

Please feel free to talk/rant/babble my way, too.



Tasty Trix said...

Beautiful photos. My mom died almost 4 years ago, in the winter, and it still feels like she was with me just a minute ago, and simultaneously forever ago. I despise winter. It takes a while to see things clearly again and feel like you aren't drowning in all of it ...

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