Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 words: Berkshire Pork

Obviously the above image is not porcine in nature.

(Sugar would be more appropriate - we used to call her "pig dog" before she lost weight. Oh, don't get offended! It's just that she has a tiny wee head and before she got back in shape she had a large roly-poly body...and sometimes she snorts! It was all in good fun. Plus, if I've learned nothing else from Dr. Phil I have learned that the best way to motivate a loved one to lose weight is to make jokes at their expense and compare them to livestock...at least I think that was the point he was making.)

I just couldn't resist posting this pic I just took of my (very slim and trim) Dolan dog in all her adorableness.

Back to the topic at hand.

Berkshire Pork.

An aside: Tasty Trix, I know you love it!

Have you heard of Berkshire Pork?

Have you ever tasted Berkshire Pork?

I have. Just yesterday I tasted Berkshire bacon and friends let me tell you - I'm pretty sure I can't ever go back to the supermarket variety.

The Berkshire is a breed of pig that originated in England centuries ago and has been carefully bred there since it's discovery. Happily there are now some farmers here in Ontario raising the breed.

The difference in the meat from what I've been used to is really incredible. Just by looking at the meat uncooked and still in it's packaging you know you're in for something different from typical bacon.

I was blow away. The meat is sweet and juicy and tender and holds much more flavour than any other pork I've ever had.

If you can find Berkshire pork in your area do yourself a favour and try it - but be prepared 'cause you'll never look at pork the same way again!


Jeannie said...

So adorable indeed! and I love bacon too, unfortunately, I don't think I can get my hands on any Berkshire pork here.

Tasty Trix said...

Ha! A shout out for l'il ole me! Love it. I bet that Berkshire pigs are raised more humanely than your run-of-the-mill sad factory farmed pig, and that's why the meat is better. (You see, I am not entirely inflexible ... also, as a fish eater, I am aware that my ethical code is somewhat, mmm, ...personal.)

kellypea said...

Cute doggo! We call ours pigdog too for the same reason. Very small head. Haven't had Berkshire pork, but it sounds delish!

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