Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dog vs. Geese

This is a daily occurrence.

We're enjoying our leisurely, mostly obedient stroll on the beach when Dolan suddenly notices geese overhead.

She considers her options. She's at the point where if the birds are too far away she won't waste her energy. But, if they're close enough, and they often are, I'm pretty sure they enjoy the chase as much as Dolan does...

Then the action begins and the chase is on.
Dolan hits full speed within a few strides while Sugar and I stand back and watch it all play out.

She's a little hard to see here but that little splash in the middle distance is my puppy, still focused on the geese.

The chase continues pretty much until the geese get tired of messing with Dolan and fly off into the wild blue yonder, at which point Dolan turns abruptly around and runs back to me, still at full speed and looking ecstatic.

Dolan seems pretty sure that one day she'll be able to fly, or maybe that the geese will just stop flying and play fair with her. I figure there's no harm in letting her continue to believe it. Both she and the birds seem to enjoy their little game.


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