Thursday, May 14, 2009

Incoming Storm, Outgoing Slobber

No you're not seeing spots.

What's that? No, no I'm sure you're screen is not smudgy.

An explanation? Sure, I guess I could come up with one of those. Does this sound believable?

The photographer (read: trigger happy picture snapper) in question was too enamored of their surroundings (and too oblivious due to continued involuntary consciousness) to notice the extremely visible dog slobber/canine induced splash marks covering the camera lens.

Very symbolic of the level of (non) professionalism of said photographer (read: trigger happy picture snapper).
I had NO intention of taking pictures yesterday evening. I was exhausted and bleary eyed and really just wanted to get the chore of dog walking over with as quickly as possible. I took one look at the skies over the beach however, and was suddenly wide awake.

The dogs and I ran back to the house, grabbed the camera and for about an hour I totally forgot how tired I was. wasn't until I put the pics on the camera that I noticed the spots splattering all the images.

Do you think I could pass them off as artistic effect?


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