Monday, March 16, 2009


For the first 25 years of my life I slept soundly through the routine roaring of planes directly over my suburban bedroom. I am still surprised by how quickly I have become accustomed to the relative silence of my new life's rural nights. So accustomed that this dawn I was awakened by honking passage of Canadian geese returning to their summer home on our bay. I was not disturbed by this disruption to my sleep however. Instead I lay in bed feeling more awake than I have in months. The geese have brought spring with them and I am reawakened, reborn along with the rest of my northern world into this season.

I was off dog walking duty this weekend and today returned to my routine beach stroll. The beach has suddenly awakened as well though and there was nothing routine about today's walk. Birds were singing, water was flowing, remaining ice was loudly shifting and melting. The sand was warm enough to sit on and I was even tempted to take off my boots and wriggle my toes in the warmth (I resisted). Dolan appears to be days away from actually swimming, she was in up to her belly today and Sugar was rolling around with unrestricted pleasure and was fully engaged in rock retrieval.

Life is good.


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