Saturday, September 4, 2010

Savour Simcoe

Last weekend I got to attend Savour Simcoe, a great food event put on by Simcoe County Farm Fresh and featuring the producers and purveyors here in Simcoe County. 
We tend to get a little overlooked up here in cottage country, overshadowed by our close proximity to the big city delights to be found in Toronto. But we've got some pretty damn happenin' food related goodness going on around here too. Plus, guess where much of that yumminess folks are enjoying in the big city is coming from? There's certainly no farm land left in the urban sprawl on the shores of Lake Ontario!

Farm Fresh asked me to take some pictures of the food featured at the event. I pretty much jumped at the chance. 

The day was beautiful, with booths scattered throughout the historical outdoor exhibits at Simcoe County Museum. Restaurants and purveyors were partnered with local producers whose product they used to create yummy, yummy dishes for us food sluts. It was a perfect way to showcase our area. 

The North Restaurant produced a tasty and incredibly beautiful lamb dish with help from their partner Sunnidale Farms

These guys were kept incredibly busy all day serving the starving masses.

I kept coming back to the booth belonging to Cravings Fine Food & Catering 
 and their partners Algonquin Angus Beef
Their display was very vibrant and inviting and I was having a blast snapping pictures.
Cravings pulled out two separate dishes for the event. The first was a sort of deconstructed perogie of spelt with a cauliflower puree in the place of potato, smoked brisket and smoked bacon and carmelized onion.
It was really tasty. The spelt had a wonderful texture and like any successful "deconstruction" attempt, the individual elements all combined in your mouth to give you a great taste memory of the original dish (check me out using big foodie terms! I'm feeling fancy.)
 Their second dish was a meatloaf served with a corn, bean and carrot succotash, creamed potatoes and a roasted tomato ketchup. I'm drooling just writing out the description.
Nice, no?
They had a challenge keeping up with demand.

Just for a little variety, here's a shot of some of the lovely local beverage on offer
It was a hot day. I couldn't drink wine. I was not pleased. I sucked on my water bottle and sulked.
Pinehouse Farms was partnered with Portage Bistro. Together they offered a beautiful little bundle of fresh greens topped with a fresh dressing as well as a dumpling and a cold soup.

Era 67 Restaurant and Lounge paired with Ego's Farm Market on a stew with a choice of fresh toppings.
Please enjoy as I continue to inundate you with still more images of goodness from Savour Simcoe.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic event....and pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jen, it was a great event and something Melinda and I will definitely go to again next year. It was great seeing you there and keep up the blog, you have many fans who appreciate your ramblings.



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