Monday, March 22, 2010

you know you love me....right? huh? anyone?

So, time for me to plead my faithful raiders to head on over to Chef it Yourself and vote for your favourite edible flower post. 

Meaning mine

Meaning I am an insecure little blogger. Please, please love me and vote for me!) 

But mostly just take a look at the posts and vote wisely.

Meaning for me.

Or not. 


I love you readers!
Nasturtium Pesto on Foodista


The Observant Cairene said...

Impressive looking dishes, the presentation is beautiful. I'll have to try my hand at these, but it seems like I might have a problem finding the ingredients here! Forget the grocery store, First stop: Flower shop.

Laura said...

Hey there!
I've nominated you for an award on my blog, I hope you will cruise on over to SoCal and check it out
-Laura :)

theminx said...

yes, ma'am! I voted for you. :)

Two more of your TC recipes will pop up on All Top Chef later this week. Thanks!

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