Friday, March 5, 2010

maxwell silverbrat

As a reminder here is Max in the days after we brought him home at eight weeks old.
Please not the look of innocence in the eyes (also, disregard the pine needles sticking out of his head. I swear we didn't impale him with anything.)
The innocence is palpable. He's begging you to believe that he could never take part in any kind of mischief. He wants you to love him, to care for him, to coddle and baby him.
He's sucking you in, that's what he's doing.

He's cute and he damn well knows it people!

Just look at what he's become:
Of course, he may or may not be running for his life from his big sister - but still...crazy!

I have never raised a puppy who chews - no, chews is wrong, he doesn't chew. He EATS so many
things (none of which are his toys. Because why would you chew your own toys when there are human type things to eat?) who takes so much pleasure in disregarding discipline...who eats SO MUCH poop!
Yeah, he's a poop eater. I'm trying to figure out the issue but no luck yet.

At least once a day my Dad threatens to evict him.

But he's still so damn cute (when he's not making crazy face that is) and he is getting better. I think. Maybe. Possibly.

Also, when did this happen to his ears?

Will he ever grow into them?

Until I started looking at pics for this post I didn't even realize how insanely large they've gotten!

Large, just like his personality.


because keeping this level of cuteness to myself would be just plain selfish.

Also because I fear that Sugar and Dolan will find out that I wrote a post solely about Max.

Aand last but not least because it's moments like this that keep me going through the last (hopefully), dragging days of snowy winter and I hope they will brighten your day,

Please bask in the glow of happy puppies playing in wintry woods
(I managed to capture Sugar on her good side - the one without the bald patch shaved into her to help her punctured neck heal. She wouldn't be pleased if I posted a pic of her injured side!)

(This is a dog who loves this time of the year like no other. She turns every walk into an adventure....also she's already ventured out into the waters of still half frozen Georgian Bay, wading out to the mini icebergs.)


Heiko said...

I've been a doggy daddy for the last 10 days, and we'll be returning him tomorrow, but he's got quite attached to us in this short time. He's a Scotch Terrier, although the people in our village insist on calling the poor mite a wild boar. The descriptors they use are: "friendly,... but a bit ugly." I should a wee pic of him on my blog.

Trix said...

Omg, irresistible. I would be powerless. As for your little coprophagic canine, they do make some food additive or some such thing that you can give them to make their poop taste bad. That sounds a bit redundant to me ... poop ... tastes ... bad ... but then, I don't have a delicate doggy palate.

Janice said...

Max is so adorable! I love it when they're puppies. My shiba inu used to be a poop eater and somehow grew out of it over time and the chewing of my shoes as well too, he's now 5 and I sometimes miss the puppy years

theminx said... <--Dog Whisperer on poop eating.

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