Wednesday, February 17, 2010

injuries and irony

Anyone out there ever consider how ironic the name "hand blender" would be if, say, some careless moron happened to stick there fingers in said appliance while it was still plugged in?


Me neither. Until late last night after spending hours in the emergency room and getting my finger all stitched up. 

That's when the irony of my idiocy hit me.

I should have been posting my latest Top Chef experiment today but unfortunately I since I decided to mangle my left index finger mid-prep last night the post (and the meal) will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Though I did manage to complete my bechamel before heading to the hospital. I'm nothing if not dedicated!

I'm not sure where my head was at last night. I use that blender all the time and I'm always super diligent about unplugging it before going near the blades. I figure with all the cooking I do though, I'm bound to end up with injuries every now and then. This is actually only the second time I've done major damage to myself - the last time was two years ago when I grabbed a pot out of a 500 degree oven and ended up with 2nd degree burns on my palm.

....please don't tell anyone but in some sick and twisted way I'm actually kind of proud of my battle scars. They make me feel hardcore.

What the hell is wrong with me?

It's probably because my injuries have been relatively minor both times. Two stitches and a ripped up finger nail is relatively minor, right?

So what was I thinking about last night as I sat in emerg waiting for as patiently as possible for the one  doctor on duty to take a look at me?

I need a new hand blender. The mangled finger proved one thing to me; my blender is obviously lacking in power. I mean, come on! I stuck my hand right in there and all I ended up with was two stitches? Weak. Weak is what that is!


Kristen said...

Glad to hear you only needed 2 stitches! Yikes! Your experience sounds like my nightmares about reaching into a garbage disposal and it spontaneously turning on.

Trix said...

Omg, between you and Vegan Thyme I am starting to think that this blogging business is really dangerous! I'm glad you're ok. Scars do indeed prove that you're alive and kicking, I totally know what you mean.

powderate said...

A speedy recovery for you! That must of been a shock but yet you continued ... good sport.
I worked with this girl, a hard worker, she was in charge of the lunch table for a large logging camp, hours of slicing on the electric slicer everyday and one day sliced the tip of her middle finger right off. We all freaked out and she's just cool as cucumber, she was flown out with the tip on ice, and laughed over it, now I get nervous around meat slicers.

Heiko said...

What colour was the bechamel? If it's red, count me out for dinner!

Joy said...

Hahahaha Jen you will never believe this, I've done the exact same thing except it was at my very first cooking job at a french restaurant. I was chopping parsley and it got stuck and so while the blender was still plugged in I thought itd be a good idea to put my fingers in there and "shake the parsley up" a little bit (because apparently that's what smart people do). Except i shook too hard and the blade sliced off the tip of my finger and then I had a gushing finger and bloody parsley. I was so embarassed that I tried to hide it from the chef until he saw me soak through two towels worth of blood. I don't know what was more embarassing, having to tell the chef how I cut myself or being sent home with a towel wrapped around my hand on my 3rd day. I really thought I was going to be fired but luckily they let me stay :) Get well soon love!

Anonymous said...

Wimpy-a## hand blenders! C'mon, girl. Shake it off and get back in there.

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